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Our team of marketeers is focused on designing marketing plans that provide effective lead generation. We analyse the decision making structure within target customers and work back to define how to best communicate with those key stakeholders. The result is an efficient and focused marketing action.

Once the right communication plan is in place, high quality content is generated and work starts to engage thought leaders, key stakeholders and influencers in meaningful conversations. Obtaining their views on trends, challenges and pains of the industry is a key element of our process. When applicable, we will also identify exhibitions and events for advertising and promoting your offer in a focused, effective manner. A plan of sales and promotion activities, as well as a draft set of sales goals is defined.


Once the right marketing mix is defined, selling consists of driving leads through the several stages of the pipeline. We will always qualify leads by gathering high quality information about the prospect.

We will work with you to meet relevant decision makers, provide product demonstration, and drive your company to become a credible supplier. From proposal preparation to negotiation, we will work together with your sales team to maximise the quality and the chances of success for your offer.

Once the volume of the sales pipeline for the new market justifies the creation of a regional sales team or engaging with regional partners, our team will support your company identify candidates, shape the sales and customer support organisation, and provide support until your team can operate in full autonomy.

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Almeida Consulting supports organisations in executing sales strategies. We have a strong marketing and sales track record; get in touch to know more.

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Headed by seasoned executives with proven track record in delivering go to market strategies, our team has a mix of strategic thinkers, programme managers, communication and market analysis specialists.
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We work with business leaders to deliver business improvement and growth. Our services range from growth strategy planning to the design and roll-out of very focused marketing and sales strategies.