Campaign Design and Management

Once the main target accounts are identified, you can either use our recruitment services and CRM process to assist with the creation of your local sales team, or if you prefer to commit your investment in a phased manner, you can use our own sales force for a first approach to the market.
Our sales executives have proven track record of bootstrapping and growing technology sales in a wide variety of markets, through establishing and maintaining relationships within customer organisations.

Lead Generation

Generating leads from a target list of individuals who are highly likely to want to know more about your offer is all about carefully approaching individuals. Depending of the segment, we may approach targets via e-mail, with personalised, carefully crafted content. If this is engaging enough, targets will look you up, and the story they get from Google must be coherent with what how you want to come across.

This process of starting conversations is varies significantly from industry to industry. We never cold call as this is not helpful, and we are aware at all times that we are representing your brand, image and reputation.

Considering our well established processes it is not unusual for our teams to get above 40% click throughs and 10% target to lead conversion. It's all about creating relationships.

Communication Channels

Using the right channels to engage with targets is essential to successfully get your message across.

Nowadays' landscape of channels is more diverse than ever. With social networks and online presence becoming more relevant, quality time with customers is harder to get. And increasingly you will not get this through cold calling. The right communication strategy will coordinate the need to raise awareness amongst your target list, provide further information, and start conversations with those targets who show interest in doing so.

At Almeida as part of researching your target segment we develop strategies for communicating effectively. We consistently use a mix of online content through website, blog, landing pages, linkedIn, twitter with event attendance and face to face meetings.

Pipeline Generation and Reporting

When entering a new market segment, creating a sales pipeline is essential to supporting your sales process. Analysing how target identification, lead generation and lead conversion performs will enable us to focus your resources on those areas that add more value to the pipeline.

And by having a sales pipeline, and getting clear reporting, your organisation will be able to monitor progress against the sales plan, and decide on correcting the path or accelerating investment, for instance by setting up a regional subsidiary.

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Almeida Consulting has supported several technology based businesses in their first approach to a new market, creating sales pipelines that are aligned with the aims of our client's organisations.

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