Business Development Strategies

Growth Strategies

When you review the performance of your company or division you are often managing a balancing act between maximising revenues from your current competitive position and what you could achieve should you steer away from the beaten track.

If your company is doing well and you have the ambition, energy and resources to take it to the next level, defining a high level strategy is essential for both ensuring focus and alignment across your organisation, and to achieve your goals with efficiency. This does not require you to create long "strategy documents". More often than not, putting a pragmatic slideshow together will be enough for you to go through the process of selecting markets, defining how you want to get into those markets, how you will learn, and how much you will spend learning and testing the market until you have a clear process for generating value from your presence in a given market.

Growing can be achieved organically, by identifying target accounts or attending event where target accounts may be present. You may even prefer to create a list of accounts, identify individuals, and target them with direct emails. Or even creating online places websites, blogs, social networking pages, where you will make a clear statement, show your values, demonstrate knowledge and track record.

Or you can identify and engage with partners, attend relevant events, generate leads and follow-up. There is a lot of room for failure in this process. A good understanding of culture, language nuances and industry dynamics can take you a long way.

In working with Almeida Consulting you will do all of the above, but using our knowledge on what works best in terms of positioning, sequence of activities, selection and engagement with partners and targets, you will both minimise your risk and maximise the efficiency of your growth efforts.

And of course, growth can be achieved through acquisitions. We have identified target lists and promoted introductions leading to very successful acquisitions, putting great care on communication strategy and cultural fit of organisation.

With a solid global presence, we can support you with your growth plans across several geographies. The more ambitious the better.

Diversification Strategies

Diversifying can generate tremendous gains. It can also damage your brand, increase your overhead and organisational complexity.
But you should consider it. Continuously considering which areas you may be able to diversify into is a great way of keeping on top of the main trends in your industry, and most importantly, of your customers' industry. Trying new offers on existing customers is a great way of putting your customer in the loop, and getting honest market feedback. But choosing which products you want to bring to your portfolio is critical to maintaining your brand, your focus, reputation and respectability amongst your customer base.

We have helped several companies in considering which offer segments they should mature and bring to market. We are also quite proud of having show to a few of our customers that diversifying would have a hefty efficiency cost on their operation, having saved them from the hardship of investing to become less profitable. Focusing and expanding to other markets is in many cases the best way to grow a profitable business.

Product Spinnout

When innovation is key to what you do, you will invariably find that some results of your research and development efforts are not fully aligned with your company. And innovative organisations know this is a small price to pay for tolerating to failure.
And yet, there may be commercial potential in exploiting these products outside of the organisation. Results can be licensed out, used to engage communities and prospects outside of your main line of business or sold to organisations that see commercial value in your assets.

Almeida Consulting has supported companies in defining their strategy towards results of innovation, and designed solutions for result exploitation, including separate holding entities for acceleration of route to market, and search and engagement of companies with an interest in acquiring licence to use existing assets.

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Almeida Consulting has supported several technology based businesses in defining their growth strategies, leading to better management focus, clear direction towards ideal market positioning, definition of offer and market selection, leading to significant growth in both revenues and margins.
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