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Trends in Local Government

Local authorities across Europe are facing significant financial challenges. With budgets under increasing scrutiny, it seems surprising that so many councils are still spending upwards of £1M in software licensing alone.

While Southern Europe is under pressure for more transparency and rationalisation, Northern Europe has already rolled out aggressive spending cuts. Councils in the UK froze taxes and are adopting strategies for increasing overall efficiency.

Efficiency gains will not be easy to achieve at a time when most capital expenditure is out of reach. The current focus is on gains within the year; hence, traditional multi-year, high capex projects are simply out of the equation.

And this is where technology can play a significant role. Service transformation through resource pooling is now achievable without the traditional costs of staff relocation, application and infrastructure transformation. The cloud is no longer a buzzword and is here to stay. Savings, both from replacing legacy applications and from finding new ways to work, are often achieved within the year. And local authorities are becoming nimbler and more willing to evaluate potential gains from cloud enabled solutions.

Near term success in both local authorities and their suppliers, can only be achieved through strategies for drastically improving services while significantly reducing costs. Those suppliers who can show short term cost reductions will find some leeway even in a shrinking market.

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