Maritime Industries

Oil and Gas

Oil extraction per capita peaked in the seventies. Most oil reserves are already mapped and total oil production is expected to peak before 2015.

The sector is benefiting from a long-term growth in demand and increased Oil & Gas prices and gas is growing in importance as a fuel.
Shallow water producing regions are now in decline (although many small fields remain) causing major oil and gas companies to move to deepwater areas. Expenditure in offshore oil and gas extraction worldwide has increased at roughly 1.7% year on year in recent years, reaching a total of €91Bn in 2009

Hence, oil recovery will require new technologies. At the top of the list is better oil field imaging. Improved imaging can help oil companies find and tap areas in an oil field that have become surrounded by water, and so cut off from oil wells. It can also improve the effectiveness of existing methods such as using water or steam to extract oil. Also, there is increased demand for gathering and analysis of downhole data and design of generic and bespoke monitoring equipment.

Sea Freight

The maritime transport sector has suffered one of the highest impacts due to the steep reduction in transportation requirements. Shipbuilding and maritime equipment (driven by power plants) have shrunk more than 50% globally. There is a growing trend for technology inclusion in maritime equipment, but as market recovers, it is the Asian industry that is becoming increasingly dominant.

Wind Energy and Fish Farming

Offshore wind farms may also become a relevant industry in the near future. But it is too early to have a clear understanding of potential market size.
Aquaculture is often seen as an opportunity with effective growth higher than 4% a year, again, mostly in Asia. This growth is increasing the demand for permanent surveillance mostly for protection of investment (CCTV monitoring) with remote connection to the shore, usually through WiMAX channels.

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