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Trends in Corporate IT

IT and Technology managers are having to deal with more unstructured change and complexity than ever before. Consumerization of IT, migration to cloud environment, security and compliance as well as adding real value to all aspect of the business are all top priorities in managing a modern corporate IT landscape.

And there are many opportunities for adding value. Detecting operational or consumer behavioural trends, integrating data from all angles of the business together with information sourced externally, enables businesses to identify loss, inefficiency, to improve and monitor performance.

IT Budgets

After several years of shy progression, IT budgets are coming back under the spotlight given how some applications are able to impact business results. Analytics, mobile, e-commerce are all areas where corporate systems can generate high impact to business performance.

Hence, IT spending is growing. Even when budgets are stable, results from cost reduction are being re-allocated to investments on mobility, extracting value from information, in improving end to end services or improving user experience.

Much of what IT is able to deliver will dictate the success of the business in the longer run. Overall, global IT spending is forecast to grow more than 4% in 2013, which demonstrates the high expectations put on IT by business leader.

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